Mix and Match Three Type of Necklaces new in De Lux Jewellery
Mix and Match Three Type of Necklaces new in De Lux Jewellery
Mix and Match Three Type of Necklaces new in De Lux Jewellery

Mix and Match Three Type of Necklaces

Freshwater Pearls Necklaces with Evil Eye Pendants new in De Lux Jewellery
Freshwater Pearls Necklaces with Evil Eye Pendants new in De Lux Jewellery
Freshwater Pearls Necklaces with Evil Eye Pendants new in De Lux Jewellery

Freshwater Pearls Necklaces with Evil Eye Pendants

Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant new in De Lux Jewellery
Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant new in De Lux Jewellery

Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant

Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant new in De Lux Jewellery
Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant new in De Lux Jewellery

Beaded Bracelets 8 in 1 with Hearth Locked Pendant









We Craft Memories That Last Forever: Meet the Creators of Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery

Welcome to Delux Jewellery, the most trusted online jewellery store in Australia. Get a tailor-made and ready to ship jewellery collection for women featuring a stunning range of fine jewellery pieces that have been masterfully created to the highest levels of craftsmanship. We use top-quality metals, precious and semi-precious gemstones and brilliant diamonds to create fine jewellery pieces that set a premium standard in women's jewellery. Our aim is not only to make you look good but to set your standard in society. You can wear them as a casual luxury accessory or carry them on important occasions in your life.

We design jewellery keeping your unique occasions in mind. Our Jewellery pieces are ideal as a special birthday, anniversary or special milestone gift, and many of our pieces are perfect as bridal jewellery for both the bride and bridesmaids. Explore our beautiful women's jewellery and find that perfect piece designed just for you. Our tailor-made pieces of jewellery are always ready to ship. Order now to enjoy the fastest delivery ever.

Are you looking for something unique and breath-taking piece that will remind you of a significant moment in your life forever? Then explore our customised jewellery design section. Our clients come to us with an idea, and together we craft the perfect treasure. Our creative designers can design your dream jewellery with stunning quality metals or stones.

Our main aim is to make you feel special, and we do it efficiently with our skills and expertise. Being in this industry for years, we understand the best way to win your girl’s heart is through gifting her a designer piece of jewellery.

At Delux Jewellery, we are artisans, not salespeople. Visit our website now and check out our artistic collection!

Bridal Jewellery for your big day!

Designs that leave great impressions on everyone! Jewellery that makes you look stunning! We offer beautiful fine jewellery that is perfect for the wedding day. We make sure you treasure your wedding jewellery designs defining your style statement that will be treasured beyond your wedding day. Add extra elegance to your special day with a superior collection of jewellery. We give you the extra sparkle to shine like a star on your precious day with a wide range of bridal jewellery pieces.

Every relationship has a story. We are beyond grateful to be part of your story, to have even a small role in celebrating your life's most profound milestones. From charming earrings to dazzling necklacesa> and rings that includes quality metals, precious gemstones and exceptional diamonds, everything is there in our collection to give you a complete makeover! Let us help you find that perfect jewellery piece for that special day!

Custom Made Fine Jewellery for the Unique You!

All our jewellery sets are bespoke and customised specially for you! Yes, we go with the trend, but you matter the most to us. That is why we take care of your special requirements. We create unique and special occasion pieces made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. So, it will be something you will love for many years to come.

Designs that Cherish Your Memorable Moments

Our custom jewellery pieces are there as a celebration of the most special moments of one’s life. Be it your birthday, wedding day, anniversary, or a milestone special occasion, we have every design ready for you. Our jewellery pieces are there to accompany you for those special and meaningful moments in life that you will look back on with joy and happiness.

High-End Pieces Designed by Exceptionally Talented Down-to-Earth People!

At Delux Jewellery, we bring your ideas to life. Between our all-star trio, we have decades of experience in jewellery crafting, engineering, design and gemstones.

Designing jewellery is not an easy task. It is challenging, gritty, and meaningful, and it needs expertise and creativity. This profession is for makers with huge hearts, not faint ones. You won’t find bigger hearted creatives, who love people more than our creative experts.

Designing bespoke jewellery is our forte. We keep your emotion in mind when designing our jewellery! And perhaps that is the reason women get emotionally attached to our jewellery pieces. Everything we make is sentimental, precious and inspiring- the significance of what we do never gets old and is not lost with us. We strive hard to deliver perfection so you can create your perfect memory.

Keep Your Casual Look Not So Ordinary!

Love to stay casual? That's great! Even we love people who are casual and stay simple! But don't let your simple look be the ordinary one. We design jewellery that makes your casual look unique and standout in the crowd. A simple yet elegant stud can change your complete look! Going office? Have a family get together? Our casual collections are sufficient to give you a special look with every dress you wear.

Each Custom Jewellery Has Its Own Story!

Eye-catching gemstones are not only used for mere decoration but embrace our innate desires and understandings of beauty to highlight our

unique charm and aesthetic appreciation. Being the industry leader, we believe that through jewellery, designers can convey beautiful stories, capture good memories, and express love to loved ones.

We intended to provide unique jewellery for every individual that loves jewellery. That is why we collaborated with artisan families who create custom jewellery pieces to provide you with the finest jewellery that has been handed down for generations. Inspired by your creative talents, we feel proud to present you with unique jewellery pieces that symbolise your unique narratives.

Our Jewellery Designs Collection

Unique and Handcrafted Necklace Earring Set Only to Meet Your Unique Needs:

Every design is created with you, for you and because of you! We are a much-loved brand with an international online store. If you explore our collection, you will find every design is unique and specially made for you! Our necklace earring set with marbled stone will go with every attire and every occasion. Casual or smart outfit, it does not really matter what you wear, you can smartly carry the stud earring with every dress. The necklace will give you a delicate look whenever you wear it. It is not sparkly, which means you can wear it on every occasion. And if you love a decent yet stylish look, you will fall in love with this one!

Red Tiger Eye Double Bracelets with Tiger Eye Stone and Boost Your Confidence and Inner Peace:

Tiger Eye is one of the most popular gemstones. If you like gemstones, you must have heard about this powerful stone. People often say it is the blessing of Mother Earth since she has given us the gemstone. Known as "the Shapeshifter", this gem is a life changer stone - once you wear one of the Tiger Eye semi-precious stone bracelets, you achieve everything you have in mind. Red tiger eye gemstone is popular for its calming effect on humanbeings. It promotes your confidence level and self-esteem. If you feel low or lethargic, you might be recommended a red tiger eye double bracelet to motivate and energise you.

Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery to win Every Woman’s Heart:

Women love to adorn themselves with jewels – from aquamarine, emerald, diamond, ruby, jade to sapphire, they try to keep everything in their stock. However, the pearl is considered to be one of the most elegant gemstones in the world. Wearing freshwater pearls is the desire for every girl, and that is why their jewellery box is often filled with pearl jewels. It is the perfect jewellery option for working women. Lightweight and less expensive freshwater pearls necklaces, earrings or bracelets make it the most preferred choice for Australian working women.

Madrepearl Disc and Seashell Pendant to Give You an Elegant Look:

Enticing, mysterious and full of charm, Mother of Pearl jewellery is popular for its whimsical beauty of the seas. Create a look that complements your neckpiece! It comes in different sizes and colours and can change your style statement! Be it attending a get together with a casual dress or wearing it with traditional dresses, a necklace with Madrepearla disc and seashell pendant makes you look stunning with every dress you wear! Showcase its bold look when you centre it between the V-neck of a shell top, or style it with a button-down shirtdress for a pretty off-duty outfit.

Stay Trendy and Fashionable All Time with Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are elegantly simple and available in gold or silver materials that you can wear with any dress. Wear them if you dress up with a casual outfit for a night out, or use them as daytime jewellery. You'll love the way they swing, sparkle and catch the eye. Hoop earrings can be of different sizes, and wearing them can make you stand out in the crowd. No two faces look alike (unless they are twin). So, you should choose your hoop earrings depending on your face shape. The hoops that look great on your friend's face might not look the same when you wear them. Consider your face shape to choose the right hoops, whether it is tight hoops or larger ones. You can explore our stock of hoop earrings and choose the right size for you.

These are just a few pieces from our widest jewellery collections! Discover our website and find the exclusive jewellery design collection made only for you.

We determine your style statement with the most elegant jewellery design in the world:

For people, searching for jewellery seems to be a journey that stretches far and wide, but you don't need to look further when you are with Delux Jewellery. From classic, everyday pieces that complete your 9-to-5 look to statement earrings that give your eveningwear that major pop, we give you an authentic and classy look every time with our personalised jewellery design collection.

We also have an amazing range of bridal jewellery, engagement rings, and solid gold pieces. If you love fine jewellery, we are sure you are going to be obsessed with our collection. Treat yourself or spoil someone you love! Shop today!

Ordering Shipping and Returns:

  • Within Australia, shipping is free over purchasing of $70. You can also choose our standard shipping with a $10 shipping charge and express shipping with $15. We use Australia Post for all deliveries of online purchases. If you have any queries in regards to the whereabouts of your parcel, you can Track Your Order. You can also use AfterPay to pay it later.
  • Order from anywhere in the world and, we will deliver your order internationally from Australia. Shipping costs for international orders vary depending upon your location, however, you get free shipping for purchasing over $170 from around the globe. You can order any amount with just a $34 shipping charge. All international parcel deliveries come with tracking.
Please note: All orders to another country may incur charges due to duties and taxes. De Lux Jewellery Shop is not responsible for any additional fees or delay in delivery due to these circumstances. If you have any queries or concerns about it, please view Customs for further information.
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  • If the items you purchased are damaged, faulty, or we've made an error, please refer to the returns and exchanges page for details. We'll work with you to sort out any issues with your order as we really do want you to be happy.

Shop Now and Pay Later: Enjoy Interest-Free Purchase Every Day with Afterpay

The customers of Delux Jewellery can buy Afterpay jewellery now and pay later while spreading their payments over four fortnightly instalments.

Afterpay is a convenient payment method that enables customers to enjoy a simplified payment process without giving any interest when making a jewellery purchase through Delux Jewellery. An Afterpay purchase is as easy as wearing a beautiful neckpiece. Just register and select Afterpay as the payment method at checkout to buy your new jewellery now and pay later – with no interest ever! Want to have some Afterpay shopping? Don't forget to check out our Afterpay Day sale while you're here!

How does Afterpay work?

When you select Afterpay for your jewellery purchase, you can shop jewellery as much as you want and pay it later over four equal instalments every two weeks.

When you keep your favourite jewellery in the cart and move to the checkout section, you get several options for the payment along with Afterpay. So, all you need to do is to choose Afterpay as your payment option instead of card or PayPal. Please note you must be 18 years or older to create an account. If you are a new user, you have to create an account providing your phone, address and bank details. Afterpay is safe and secured, and you can share your personal details and make the purchase. Select your item and pay 4 equal fortnightly payments.

How it works: The Steps -

  • Select Afterpay at checkout:
    Afterpay is fully integrated with the store’s checkout. So, after you stock your jewellery in the cart, all you need to do is go to the check-out page and choose Afterpay as your payment option.
  • Choose how you want to pay your instalments:
    Afterpay splits your payments into four equal instalments due every fortnight. Put in your Credit card and debit card details and schedule automatic payments for you.
  • Get approved instantly and securely:
    No long forms or detailed personal information. Afterpay simply uses your nominated bank card to process your application on the spot.

Stay relax and enjoy your shopping:

Buy jewellery from Delux Jewellery with Afterpay and stay relaxed. Afterpay takes care of the rest. Once you log in with your Afterpay account or create a new one, it will be secured with us, and we will remind you when payments are due and process your payments automatically. Next time you use Afterpay, we'll have all your details saved and ready to go!

Why use Afterpay?

Afterpay is a great payment method that gives you the freedom to shop now and pay later. If you are a first time user, you will be asked to pay one of the four payments immediately. After that, you can make the payment once every two weeks. This advantage makes Afterpay a favourite payment gateway in many Australian online stores.

Please note, in some instances, you may be required to make your first payment at the time of purchase. If this is the case, Afterpay will clearly advise you of this before order confirmation.

How long do you have to pay for purchases using Afterpay?

With Afterpay, you can get your shopping done without any payment and get it delivered at home. Afterpay splits the total cost over 4 equal payments, due every two weeks. You have to put your Credit card or debit card details, and in every two weeks, your EMI will be deducted automatically. That means you don’t even have to remember to make payments! It does not matter what type of jewellery you buy or how many, the payment method stays the same.

What jewellery can I buy from Delux Jewellery using Afterpay?

We have an extensive collection of beautiful jewellery in our store. You can explore our Afterpay collection and buy your favourite rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more! Check out some of our favourites below or start browsing our full jewellery range online now.

Afterpay Card is a truly contactless payment option because you don’t have to hand your phone over to get your barcode scanned.

I've been declined. Why?

When determining which orders to approve, Afterpay's automated system considers several different factors. The automated system considers you first if you are an existing user and have made more transactions through Afterpay. However, for first-time users, the restrictions are tighter until you are verified. Sometimes, it takes time for the verification. It also considers exactly how much you can spend and maintain rules to fasten the approval processes. The best thing is that each time you use Afterpay, they make fresh decisions, and over time you will be able to spend more so long as you continue to repay your instalments on time.

Can I get a refund if I pay through Afterpay?

In case you change your mind or receive faulty products and meet our returns policy criteria, you can receive a refund through our Customer Support Team. After an Afterpay purchase, you can apply for a refund. Please visit our contact page using the link below and submit a request.

Buy the Finest Quality Pearls Online Handcrafted to Define Your Style Statement

Women love to adorn themselves with jewelers – from aquamarine, emerald, diamond, ruby, jade to sapphire, they try to keep everything in their stock. However, the pearl is considered to be one of the most elegant gemstones in the world. Wearing freshwater pearls is the desire for every girl, and that is why their jewellery box is often filled with pearl jewels....




Looking for exclusive Handmade Jewellery Design Australia?
Our jewellery is constantly evolving creating spectacular trends in the fashion arena. Available in a variety of colors and organic patterns, our pearl section is simply to dire for! From bracelets, to earrings to trendy necklaces to the finest rings, this has become the best alternative to pricey gems. We are one of the best online stores to get your latest collection of jewellery that are trendsetters in the fashion world.


Accessorize your stylish gown and classic outfit with the perfect colored Gemstone jewellery or our superb Natural Stone collection. Find the most stunning gift collection to gift your loved ones on the special occasion of their lives. Make the festive season beautiful and sparkling with the tried and tested gold jewellery or silver jewellery with the most intricate patterns that will suit your individualistic style. Find perfect gifts ideas for her or her birthday here at Delux online store! From awe-inspiring earrings to artistic pendants, from one-of-a-kind ring design to customisable jewellery as well as other fashionable accessories.

Feel closer to your true self; get your fashionable spirits going with our wonderful, latest selection of unmatchable designs. Get 100% authentic gold or silver jewellery made by real, master artisans and craftsman. Find pearls in blooming colors, and unmatched quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you see the designs on our website and it looks magical, you know you want them too. The best thing about this jewellery with Brazilian Stone- is that you can get them at a much reasonable price only here at Delux jewellery store! Discover the most exquisite gift collection of handmade jewellery with stunning tradition inspired designs of Freshwater Pearl, or Elegant Natural Stone. Get all types of beautiful and complete jewellery pieces right here at unbelievable prices. 


We are a reliable jewellery online store in Australia , where you can find the latest contemporary as well as modern designs. You will get fast and free shipping in Australia! You just have to sit in the comfort of your home and choose the designs that you love and place order with us. Don’t have the budget to make that buy for you?

Can’t afford to spend altogether on our jewellery store? Well, not to worry! Delux jewellery store with most popular Afterpay facilities that give you a great opportunity to buy that piece of maverick beauty now and pay later making it a convenient experience.

So , what are you waiting for?! Shop now for most amazing jewellery design that you will love!