How to measure necklace length-Necklaces Length Guide

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Jewelry is timeless. It reflects style and panache. Since time immemorial necklaces and pendants have been worn and endorsed by the royalty.

Necklaces come in various patterns, adorned with different stones and handcrafted to perfection with many noble metals. Pendants, on the other hand, are dainty, chic and minimal- ideal for simple yet classy styling. A pendant can made of single solitaire or studded with many diamonds for an outstanding designer look.

Choosing the correct necklace for any occasion is not only determined by its material or design but also by the necklace length. A long chain necklace usually compliments a solid evening gown. A chunky neckpiece can be worn with basic clothes to make you shine in the crowd. A choker necklace may be opted for a gorgeous attractive look. A chic gold chain can be your best friend worn at all times.

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Choosing a necklace that is perfect for your height, face and body type may be a very challenging task. You are particularly left confused if you are an amateur jewelry collector. At De Lux, we not only strive to offer you high-quality jewelry at the best price but also have created a comprehensive necklace length guide to complement your look for all occasions.

Just like clothing and other kinds of jewelry, your face shape, body type and height may determine the necklace style and length that would suit you the best.  

Face shape:

1. Round/ Oval: Go necklaces between 20”-24” like a matinee that will help to elongate your face and make you look less chubby.

2. Square/Oblong: A choker or shorter princess necklace may help you to cut off the sharper angles of your face and elongate your neck.

3. Heart-shaped: This the best face shape as you can easily sport a choker or a matinee. But try to wear medium length necklaces for a sharper, beautiful look.


1. Short: If you are person of a shorter stature, go for a longer necklace of 16”-18”. But do not opt for a very long matinee style, as it may look out of place with your height.

2. Tall: Taller frame people can practically wear necklaces of all types. But, wearing a longer necklace is the best as it would accentuate your height even more.

3. Regular: People of regular height can wear necklaces of all lengths but consider your body type and height before purchasing one.

Body type:

1. Pear-shaped: As your upper body is smaller than your lower body, you should wear a necklace length of 18”-24” matinee. This would serve to draw ample attention towards your bust and broaden your shoulders making you look even more beautiful.

2. Athletic: Women with athletic body can wear necklaces of all types, but should opt for longer necklaces as it help to elongate your body even further.

3. Hourglass: With an hourglass body you can play around with many jewelry styles. Try a necklace that is simple and sits right perfectly above your curves. You curves are you best friend, therefore, your aim should be to accentuate them.

4. Inverted triangle: You have broad shoulders; therefore, wearing longer necklaces will bring the gaze down to your waist, highlighting you slim waist-line. 


Necklaces are designed in various lengths to suit particular body types and statures. Necklaces are also given name according to their lengths. At De Lux, Australia, necklaces of various lengths are available to suit your outfit and style statement. Our necklace length chart in inches is given below for reference:

necklace lenght guide cm how to measure necklace length

• 14” Necklace: It sits on the neck like a choker. A choker necklace can uplift your square jawline cutting those sharper face angles and making you look for feminine.

• 16” Necklace: Sits at the base of the neck like a collar and is the best for both petite and plus size women.

• 18” Necklace: It lies on the collar bone just below the throat. This is the best height to wear chains with pendants that would just hang a little below the crew neck.

• 20” Necklace: Hangs a little below the collar bone. Best for plunging necklines and if you want more breathing room.

• 24” Necklace: Best with low neckline dresses.

• 30” Necklace: This one falls below all kinds of necklines.

• 36” Necklace: This style is more adopted with pearl necklaces that hand right below your bosom. You may wear one or two strands of pearl necklaces to add more oomph to your rich, solid color evening gown. 

The chokers, matinee and princess necklaces are available in various designs, expensive metals adorned with precious and semi-precious stones and handcrafted to perfection to give you the desired look this season.

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While you are choosing a necklace for yourself, you can simply compare the length of your new necklace with an old one to understand how well it would fit your neckline. You may also wrap the chain around your neck and note the ends that meet at the back of your neck. Then measure the chain by marking the ends while laying it flat on an even surface and unlock the excess chains on the necklace to get your desired necklace length.

This task may prove to be challenging while you buy a necklace for your beloved as you may not be aware of the exact measurements. In such cases, it is best to go for the average necklace lengths. At De Lux, Australia online store you would find a comprehensive chart on necklace lengths cm for women to help you decide on the right necklace length. You may also choose an extender necklace which provides the option for adjustments later on if required. You should also consider her facial shape, body build and wardrobe style before investing in an expensive neckpiece.!

The following necklace types are season’s favorites available in our jewellery online store: 

Necklace or Chain Length:Average placementLooks great with:
30 cm CollarA 30cm collar is essentially a choker necklace that sits right at the collarbone. It might seem a little uncomfortable to wear particularly if you are a necklace novice. However, this is one of the stylish necklace designs of this season and a must-have in many celebrity wardrobes. Chokers may be simple, lacy or adorned with jewels for a heavier look.It is perfect with strapless evening dress or a crew neck basic t-shirt for a stunning look. The choker draws attention to your neckline highlighting your collar bones in a strapless gown. It also adds the perfect amount of quirkiness to your otherwise plain and boring, basic crew neck t-shirt
40cm ChokerThese are little chunkier choker necklaces that fit right at the neck. The design options in 40cm choker are many ranging from simple minimalistic styles for a day out to heavily adored ones for a grand event. You may choose a gold plated simple choker or a chunky gemstone statement choker for a cocktail night. The options are many and the choice is yours. Check out the latest absolutely drool-worthy choker styles today!Strapless and wide- neck off shoulders are best to draw attention to your amazing collarbones with a flattering choker design. You may also wear one with a round neck t-shirt for a day look. Button down shirts can also be styled with minimalistic choker designs for an unforgettable chic look this season.
46cm PrincessPrincess is the ideal length if you do not wish to go too long or too short with the length of your necklace this festive season. Princess length is ideal to grab eyeballs yet keep your style game chic and minimal. Princess necklaces may be a simple chain with pendant that hangs right below your collar bone or a pearl necklace that compliments your neckline brilliantly.V-necks and scoop necks are ideal as it provides enough room for your necklace to perfectly sit below complimenting the collar bone. Princess pearl necklaces can be teamed with a perfect evening outfit to make a lasting impression. A princess necklace with simple pendant can be bought for daily wear.
51cm MatineeMatinee necklaces are neither too long nor too short. These are perfect for layering. You can layer a matinee with many beautiful small pendants or shorter chains to keep the focus on your neckline and bust. This kind of a look is perfect for romantic date night with your beloved.Button open blouses, V necks and even turtle necks are ideal for matinee necklaces. Layering helps to create an illusion of a bigger bust and beautiful neckline. Add a little sparkle to your life this festive season and shine like a diva in our unique latest matinee necklace collection available at our online shop
61cm OperaThese are longer necklaces that serve to elongate your body. They sit right below the best and are ideal for short-statured women. Whenever you think of wearing an opera consider the occasion you are going to. However, it is not an ideal necklace to go for when you have to handle kids and pets around you as they may fondle with a long necklace.An opera can be worn to various places. You can wear it with a slim fitting solid black or grey dress to look taller. You may also wear to office to add a little sass to your otherwise boring outfit. Thus, an opera is a very popular choice among fashion conscious women of today
76cm Rope or LariatThis longest necklace length extends far below the bust often reaching your belly button. They are best for layering with shorter necklaces and pendants for flattering festive look. However, these are pretty expensive necklaces that you can only wear on special occasions as it may get in the way of your daily chores due to its long lengthA rope of lariat necklace works best with a turtle neck sweater or a plain t-shirt dress for a head turning look. A closed neck dress compliments this kind of neckpiece more than an open neckline as it gives ample room for layering with pendants and shorter chains for a simple yet classy fashionable look..

Thus, with this necklace length cheat sheet you will no longer be confused the next time you go jewelry shopping. Checks out the hottest designs at De lux, Australia jewellery store!


It is very important to understand the connection between necklines and necklaces. It is very important to pair the right necklace length with the right wardrobe to avoid looking odd. Below is listed in details which necklace you should get to suit which neckline:

👉Turtlenecks: If your outfit is turtle-necked it is best to pair a long opera necklace with it. Also, remember a collar, choker or princess necklace with this type of neckline is a total fashion disaster.

👉Scoop necks: Princess or matinee goes best with this kind of neckline. However, it is important to avoid an opera or rope with this neckline at all costs.

👉Round necks: Go for an opera, rope or collar statement necklace. Avoid princess or matinee as they would almost overlap the neckline.

👉V-necks: Princess or matinee goes the best. Collar or chokers should be totally avoided.

👉Boat necks: Collar or opera works absolutely perfect.

👉Button up: Wear a princess or matinee with this type of neckline. Never wear an opera or rope as would clash with the vertical button of the shirt.

👉Strapless: Almost all kinds of necklace can be paired with a strapless top or dress. However, chokers work the best accentuating your flattering collarbones.

Bust size:

Bust size is an important factor determining the length of necklace you should wear. Women with larger busts should typically opt for simple and shorter gold necklaces less than 24 inches in length so that they sit comfortably above the bust. On the other hand, women with smaller bust should go for longer necklaces and layering with pendants and shorter necklaces to look fuller on the bust.

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