Buy the Finest Quality Pearls Online Handcrafted to Define Your Style Statement

Women love to adorn themselves with jewels – from aquamarine, emerald, diamond, ruby, jade to sapphire, they try to keep everything in their stock. However, the pearl is considered to be one of the most elegant gemstones in the world. Wearing freshwater pearls is the desire for every girl, and that is why their jewellery box is often filled with pearl jewels.

  • Wearing an elegant piece of pearl jewellery can easily create a signature look of being classy.

  • Pearl jewels are versatile, and girls can wear them with any outfit, be it traditional or contemporary.

  • It is the perfect jewellery option for working women. Lightweight and less expensive freshwater pearls necklaces, earrings or bracelets make it the most preferred choice for Australian working women.

Buying pearls online in Australia is much more hassle-free than the conventional way of shopping for jewellery. However, one should choose a reliable store for the same. Delux Jewelry Store is one of the most reliable online stores that offer genuine freshwater pearls and freshwater pearl jewellery in Australia at the most competitive prices possible. Now order from the comfort of your home and get the genuine pearl jewellery delivered to your doorstep.

Tips to consider to buy pearl jewellery online:

Buying pearl jewellery online is sometimes overwhelming since finding genuine pearls is overwhelming. You should follow the below tips to find the right pearl jewellery for you.

1. Check the value factors:

If you are going to buy pearl jewellery online, you should be aware of the below factors –

  • Quality : Checking the quality of freshwater pearls is a must if you are buying pearls, no matter whether it is online or from a physical store. When it comes to choosing an online store, you might be deceived easily. Several online stores sell counterfeit pearl jewellery, which seems perfect and sold at a cheaper price. Remember, real pearls are not perfect. They will have few minor imperfections.

  • Lustre : Another significant way to determine the fake pearl from the original one is the lustre of the pearl. While fake pearls have outward lustre, they always lack the natural brilliance of pearls, and they don't reflect well with lighting. The sharper the lustre is, the greater value the pearl jewellery has.

  • Shapes and colours : The latest technology tools make it possible to help you get pearls in different shapes and sizes! Now you can buy pearls in different shapes, including round, semi-round, circle-baroque, drop, baroque and more. You can also buy genuine pearls in different colours, including white, black, yellow, pink or cream.

2. Choose a reliable online shop:

The digital world keeps everything just a click away! But the drawback of this world is, there is a lot of chances for fraudulent activities, especially when it comes to jewellery suppliers! To save yourself from fraudulent jewellery suppliers, always choose an online store that is reliable, trusted, certified, and accredited. Only a reliable online jewellery retailer offers the widest range of pearl jewellery sets that are of high quality, great price and exceptional customer service! You can consider their online reviews to shortlist the online suppliers!

3. Consider the price of the pearl and keep your budget in mind:

Making a budget is essential if you want to buy the right quality pearl! Consider your budget as well as the amount you want to spend on your favourite freshwater pearl jewellery. There are several online stores that offer the best quality freshwater pearl jewellery at the most competitive prices possible. However, don't go for the cheapest rate. Remember, the cheapest is not always the best.

4. Choose the piece that matches your style:

Pearls are available in the widest range of designs, shapes, sizes and colours, and they are the perfect option for any occasion, any place or any outfit. Just choose the style that suits your special occasion and complement your look! You are good to go! Delux Jewelry Store has an extensive range of freshwater pearls jewellery selection that will meet all your unique needs at a pocket-friendly price! Browse through our exclusive range of pearl jewellery and find the ones that enhance your look and style!

Freshwater Pearl Jewellery Collection We Offer:

From our widest range of freshwater pearl pieces of jewellery, some of the best selling ones are -

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelets : Our freshwater pearl bracelet collection offers a wide range of sizes and shades, so you're sure to find the ideal bracelet for you. Unlike saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls have no nucleus, so they are solid nacre, giving them an incredibly deep and lustrous shine. Wear them on their own or match them with a classic string of pearls and a pair of pearl studs or drop earrings.

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelets on a Rope : Add some candy to your arm with our best-selling freshwater pearl rope bracelet. Our Pearl Rope Collections include durable and beautiful Freshwater pearls that are mirror-bright, lustrous pearls. Due to our unrivalled vault inventory, we can custom-design a Pearl Rope in nearly any pearl type.

  • Necklace with Freshwater Pearls in a Rope : A Pearl Rope Necklace is never an ordinary choice. These stunning strands can make you get ready in seconds for any occasion. The more pearls you wear, the better you look! We create every pearl necklace to order using only the finest cultured pearls. Browse our website and explore the hottest pearl necklaces of the year!

  • Hoop Earrings with White Freshwater Pearl : Hoop earrings are elegantly simple and available in gold or silver materials you can wear with any dress. Wear them if you dress up with a casual outfit for a night out, or use them as daytime jewellery. You'll love the way they swing, sparkle and catch the eye. Explore the classy collection of hoop earrings with white freshwater pearl! The uncompromising style can be coordinated with any occasion and outfit. The earrings create a fabulous look!

  • Stud-Drop with Freshwater Pearl : Looking for the perfect pair of pearl earrings for an occasion? Don't forget the stud drop with freshwater pearl available in our stock. Casual or smart outfit, it does not really matter what you wear, you can smartly carry the stud earring with every dress. You can wear the stud earring pairing with the marbled stone necklace to match any occasion and style.

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelets with Sea Pendant : Delicate yet striking freshwater pearl bracelets with a sea pendant enhance your look and complement your style. A softly glowing strand of freshwater pearls delicately draped over a wrist is often the perfect finishing accessory, and can be worn on any occasion. Every girl loves their durability and rainbow of natural colours. Our freshwater pearl bracelets offer a shade and hue to suit every taste.

  • Long-Double Necklaces with Freshwater Pearl : Long-double necklaces with red rock crystal and freshwater pearl pendant in a chain in 18-K gold rhodium plated. Nothing can make you classier than that! The hottest pearl necklaces of the year can be found here! Our selection of long pearl necklaces has something for everyone. Knot them, double them up, wear them glamorous and daring down a bareback, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  • Freshwater Pearls Bracelets 2 in 1 : Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with this two strands white Freshwater Pearl bracelet. This Gemstone Turquoise Bracelets with Freshwater Pearls gives you a magnificent look. Choose from the Stunning Pearl Bracelet designs or customize them according to your choice. Enjoy doorstep delivery, COD availability, easy returns, insured shipment & 24/7 support.

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelets with Evil Eye Pendants : This handmade bracelet is made of freshwater pearls with an evil eye pendant with Japan golden plated brass findings. This fashionable bracelet and can be worn from day to night for any occasion. Match it with denim, midi dress or knitwear, and wear a necklace to complete your look. Also, this is a lovely gift for birthdays, anniversaries or festivals.

  • Hoop Earrings with Freshwater Pearl : Hoop earrings with freshwater pearl on a chain in 18-K gold rhodium-plated that gives you a gorgeous look! These earrings are often considered staple earrings in many countries, and they have been evolving continuously as both a fashion accessory and a symbol of strength. Wearing hoop earrings not only make you look stylish but also give you a great way to flaunt your culture.

  • Long-Double Necklaces with Black Pearl : Get the best deals on Black Pearl Fashion Necklaces & Pendants when you shop online from us. We have a huge collection of long double necklaces with black pearls. Wearing black pearls give you a classy look with a touch of elegance. They are always trending and go with any outfit and occasion. Just choose the one that defines your style statement. You can browse the website to explore our collection.

  • Mother Pearls Bracelets Sets : Mother of the pearl or Madreperla is completely different from the normal pearl gemstone though both are made of nacre! While pearl is made completely out of nacre, the mother of the pearl is made out of the nacre coated inner shell of the mollusc. The best part about mother of the pearl is – it is affordable and easily available. Adorn mother pearl bracelet sets and flaunt your style.

  • Mother Pearls Jewellery Sets : Enticing, mysterious and full of charm, Mother of Pearl jewellery is popular for its whimsical beauty of the seas. Discover our unique collection of Mother of Pearl jewellery sets and get the unmistakable radiance and mesmerizing appeal of the nacre. This gemstone has a calming effect that alleviates stress, anxiety, depression and worries! It keeps you cool and relaxed!

  • Mother Pearls Jewellery Set with Drop Crystals : Madrepearla disc, or mother of the pearls jewellery is simple yet elegant that can blow anyone’s mind. Mother pearls is the term used for the bright substance that creates the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs. It is often used to make unique pieces of jewellery, among other uses, that have a boho-chic aesthetic. When paired with Drop Crystals, the magnificent beauty of this jewellery set increases even more! Buy genuine mother pearls jewellery sets with drop crystals. Explore our collection now!

Want to revamp your look with a genuine pearl collection? Browse through our website now to discover the widest collection of genuine pearl jewellery!

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