About Us

Explore the Magic of Australian Jewellery from the Comfort of Your Home: Discover Delux Jewellery Online

Delux Jewellery is an online jewellery store in Australia that has been designing the best-in-class jewellery for almost two decades. We're a small, family-run business and passionate about making real jewellery by using high-quality precious materials like sterling silver and gold jewellery in Australia - and our designs are all nickel-free. We are the Australian contemporary jewellery designers who aim to be sustainable and ethical. For over 18 years, the Delux Jewellery store has been designing the latest jewellery designs by combining sterling silver, gold, Brazilian Pearls, Natural Stones, and gemstones. Delux Jewellery was created by two partners whose dream was to offer their customers a new concept in Exclusive Jewelry Design. With the exclusive and differentiated design, sophistication, and glamor, our pieces reflect the Brazilian culture and new fashion trends with Brazilian Natural Stones. The Beauty of Brazilian Natural Stones reflects the beauty of nature, culture, and the Brazilian people. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, gemstones, and rings with Brazilian freshwater pearls make our collections unique, exclusive, and exciting. These Australian contemporary jewellery designs have fascinated global customers and can be found in our Australian jewellery brand's online jewellery store in Australia.

Who are we?

We are the one-stop online jewellery store in Australia specializing in designing unique and delicate jewellery within your budget. Be it beach wear jewellery or handmade jewellery design in Australia; we provide you the most beautiful jewellery design with Brazilian Natural Stone, Freshwater Pearl, or Coloured Gemstone.

Where are we?

Based in Sydney, Australia, our jewellery shop offers the most exclusive, trendiest, and fashionable design at a wholesale price. Choose your jewellery from our online store anywhere in Australia and get a flat 20% off on your first order.

We determine your style statement with the most elegant jewellery design in the world

For people, searching for jewellery seems to be a journey that stretches far and wide, but you don't need to look further when you are with Delux Jewellery. From classic, everyday pieces that complete your 9-to-5 look to statement earrings that give your eveningwear that major pop, we give you an authentic and classy look every time with our personalized jewellery design collection. We also have an amazing range of bridal jewellery, engagement rings, and solid gold pieces. If you love fine jewellery, we are sure you are going to be obsessed with our collection. Treat yourself or spoil someone you love! Shop today!

A continued dedication to quality makes us the industry leader

A commitment to craftsmanship and quality has always been at the core of Delux Jewellery. As we continue to create new and diverse collections for our customers to love, our jewellery will always be made with a focus on quality, responsibility, and authenticity. We are committed to creating exquisite jewels that celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of every girl. Personalise your jewellery and design it the way you want. Shop today!

We are passionate to design a signature style for your loved ones

At Delux Jewellery, our mission is to offer our clients meticulously exquisite jewellery that adheres to strict standards and the highest quality craftsmanship. We ensure every piece you receive is created with the highest care and precision. Our minute attention to every detail and high level of professional warm-and-friendly service make us the top Australian jewellery shop online. We take great pride in our signature style of handmade jewellery that reflects our passion and expertise. Quality that distinguishes us from other jewellers in Australia is the ability to customise or create jewellery from scratch. From starting with an idea or design to finishing with an exceptional piece that can be treasured for generations, we have mastered our skill.

We are the premium jewellery online store for your girl

Every girl wants to be unique with her own style. And we help them look stunning with our widest range of colored gemstone jewellery, natural stone collection, and 100% authentic gold and silver jewellery collection. At its core, we focus on simplicity and wearability, with each piece being carefully considered to capture modern architecture, sculpture, and conceptual art in a wearable way. We are also passionate about sustainability. Choose the best ring or neckpiece for her birthday and gift her a magical moment of love. Each piece is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. Our design and style are customized to your needs and budget. Shop with us today and make your girl look different!

Why shop with us?

Shopping with us from the comfort of your home is nothing but exploring the charm of authentic jewellery. The simplest reasons to choose our shop are -
  • We have the widest range of Australian jewellery designs.
  • You enjoy a secure online jewellery shopping and payment procedure.
  • We are an Afterpay jewellery store.
  • Our precious silver jewellery and other high-quality materials will fascinate you.
  • You get free shipping in Australia.
  • We prioritize your satisfaction, which means happiness is guaranteed.
  • We love sending gifts for you.
To learn more about us or get to know about our services, read testimonials from happy customers.

Why buy online with us?

  • Shopping online is the new normal
    The COVID-19 pandemic made us learn how to live life from home, and with this new normal, ordering through websites has been quite common. When you choose us for your jewellery shopping destination, you can rest assured that every purchase is highly secured and your data is confidential. You can live chat with us or contact our customer service team.
  • Deliveries are quick and efficient at your convenient place
    We closely work with our delivery partner so that you can receive your products safely on time.
  • Easy return policies
    We want you to love every purchase you made from us! However, if you don't like it or if you want something else, we will offer extended returns for all your purchases.
Shopping with us is easy and fun! Experience the magic of jewellery shopping online only with Delux Jewellery.