Improve Your Jewellery Style 2020

Does it really matter what colour you wear? 

This is a tricky one because there are so many different kinds of colour of the season you could go for! The colours you choose to wear also say something about you to the world, whether you like it or not. Are you confident? Creative? Loyal? Artsy? Dominating? Flashy? Are you actually none of these things but wanting to convey that you are?  

Read more to find out what colour style tips you should wear to put out the right vibes! 


The Blue:

As wintertime approaches, this colour makes the perfect jewellery highlight against warm woolly clothing or to dress up an evening outfit for those festive dinners! The colour conveys friendliness and loyalty all while helping you with confidence. You can choose this as a colour of the season, toward lighter blue shades will keep you calm, while darker blue shades convey trustworthiness.

this season's colours 2020


The Orange:

This season we're seeing more and more jewellery that's colourful, sparkly and downright statement-making! As we get ready to swap sandals for boots, undresses for weightier ones, jewellery is another category we're preparing for seasons of style. Orange is a great colour to boost your confidence and energy it also is a positive and energetic color. Because it is such a strong colour, you can add it into your closet in small accessories or pieces and still make a statement. You can try different combinations of jewellery from your collection with the colour of the season you might not normally consider! 

color of the season 2020

The Green:

It’s had been approved and appareled by colour tips that you can mix your jewelry like your clothes! The first thing to do is think like a designer and get friendly with the color wheel. There's no doubt that the colours have the power to influence our emotions and mood! When you mixing two colours it makes look fresher and statement! Muted green more for relaxing when the dark green when you want to impress, light green always serves as that perfect finishing touch to any outfit! The best thing is to pick up white colours with green that you can mix and match at any time with jewellery from our collection. 

Muted green more for relaxing when the dark green when you want to impress




The Brown:

The best thing is to pick up very neutral colours that you can mix and match with brown. The Brown is it not easy to wear, the warmer colours along with layering jewellery if you put over clothing its will work well in autumn.  Simply put on a very basic outfit and try it out in front of a mirror with various pieces of jewellery from your collection. 

the warmer colours along with layering jewellery



We’ve picked out our favourite jewellery pieces and detailed all in the different ways, we style them with the colour of the season and consider the types of style tips, that will extend and add interest and depth to your wardrobe! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing the new colour style tips interest!

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments!