Top 25 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Her From Australia

Lana Hawatt

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Can you hear the jingle bells? Cause ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ is already here!

Christmas is the time of reunion with family and friends. Christmas is regarded as the season of homecoming when folks from all over the world gather to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Perfect Christmas gift ideas for her Australia do exist. What can be better than a piece of timeless jewelryadorned with precious stones to gift a loved one?Nothing is, right?

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This Christmas shower love and appreciation on the special people in your life. A beautiful jewelry is timeless and holds sentimental value. While gifting a unique jewelry account for the personal style of the person to present something that will be cherished for years to come.

Finding the perfect gift for your beloved can also be difficult without the best ideas in mind. Below are listed some perfect romantic gift options for your beloved this season:  

1. Initial Necklace: This Is A Great Choice If You Are Looking For Personalized Gifts. Such Necklaces Can Be Paired With Ornate, Diamonds Or Gemstone Pendants That May Be Personalized Suiting Your Fiancé’s Taste.

2. Rose Gold Jewelry: The pink hint in the jewelry that comes from mixing copper with yellow gold makes it spectacularly durable and highly resilient. This may be a sweet and feminine choice for your lady love this festive season.

3. Locket Necklace:These never go out of style and holds immense sentimental value. Personalize these by filling a photo, a birthstone or a little love quote making it a thoughtful gift. Choose a metal finish which compliments her skin tone and is trending this season. 

4. Stackable rings: A wonderful gift choice that can be paired with practically all kinds of jewelry for an eye-catching look. You can mix and match to spice up your attire instantly!

5. Pearl Jewelry: These are timeless staples and a must in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. They are in fashion since time immemorial and can be combined with yellow or rose gold for a bright, shiny flattering look.

6. Gemstone bracelets and earrings: This season add color to your wrist and ears with a sparkly bracelet and a cool pair of earrings. Gemstones like emerald and sapphires are in trend and can add charm to your personality immediately. You may choose a vintage rope bracelet or ruby or topaz drop earrings to showcase your superior style game this Christmas.

7. Handmade jewelry: Handmade jewelry has an elegance and class of its own. Necklaces and pendants with raw or rough cut precious natural stones is all you need to add style to your closet.

Now, you have a fairly decent idea about various gift choices available in the market. Are you scared of getting ripped off? At De Lux, online store you can get attractive discounts on both product and shipping. Make a purchase now to save more! 


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Christmas is almost here! The trending fashion styles of this season are listed below to draw some inspiration from before the festive season hits the town:

8.Unique Flo Tortoiseshell Acrylic Earrings: They come in playful shapes and sizes and are difficult to miss out on in your latest jewelry collection. These have left a mark in this year’s fall/winter 2020 runway at the New York Fashion Week grabbing eyeballs of many reputed designers and stylists.

9. Lucite: This sea-through collection has many variations; you can team up a twisted Lucite choker necklace with oversized clear hoops for a showstopper look this season.

10. Bright enamel: The bright enamel style comes in earrings and pendants and is extremely flattering to wear. The rainbow of hues in enameled earrings make you shine like a diva. Try this jewelry design if you are bored of gold and silver jewelry collection and want to experiment a bit.  

11. Big shells: The best kind of jewelry to buy if you are planning a trip this Christmas on a tropical beach. Go for a shelled pearl necklace with oversized tasseled -shelled earrings, take out that gorgeous swimsuit, sip on some chilled margarita and enjoy a relaxing sunbath at the white sand beach

12. Saturated hues: Do not be afraid to go bold this festive season because colored pearls and glass beads are in high trend. Try a better half necklace carefully woven and handcrafted with brilliant colored pearls and gorgeous glass beads for an eyeball grabbing look this Christmas.

13. Thick chain necklaces: A chunky chain necklace is all you need to look chic and fashionable this Christmas. You may try an in chain necklace or a choker necklace depending on your taste. In chains are not as tight as chokers and fits right below collarbones.

14. Ear cuffs: They are simple yet edgy and can be worn without getting multiple ear piercings done. At times less is more. You may want to opt for a feature cuff in gold and white sapphires this season instead of going for heavier and chunkier ones.

15. Symbolic jewelry: Jewelry that carries meaning is called symbolic. It can be a Christian Cross or a locket or charm bearing personal reference. They can be layered with other types of jewelry for a versatile look.

16. Brooches: Brooches are classy and worn by all political figures and even the Queen. Even though they may seem dated but can be styled wisely with modern outfit for a contemporary standout look adored by many. Brooches can be pinned to hats, scarves, collars, bags or even a bun for rich, stylish look.

Jewelry helps to display relationship status, social hierarchy, emotions and sentiments. Classics are revamped with artistic and personalized touch to create surreal styles that are magnificently enthralling. Everyone deserves a little sparkle and bling this festive season, choose for your special person wisely to flatter and win her with love.

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Crystal earrings: If your wife prefers a bit of drama and bling, crystals should be your go-to choice. Crystal earrings are extremely flattering and add the right amount of sparkle without going over the top. For a high-end look at low budget go for a unique crystal color like aqua or amber..

Gemstone Necklaces And Pendants: Colored gemstones are a hit this season! They can make you standout In a room full of people. Whether it is a sapphire solitaire or a ruby or amethyst drop pendant, your beloved is surely to steal the show owing to its remarkable color and luster. You may choose a simple or a more intricate design depending on your girlfriend’s taste, aura and personality.

Lariat Necklaces: These are sleek and elegant pieces and the adjustable slide helps you to adjust the length of your necklace according to your wish and style.


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Wracking your brains about what to do gift your wife this Christmas? Worrying where you might find the best deal? Your search ends here at De Lux, Australia online store.

Choose from our latest and widest gorgeously romantic jewelry range for a perfect festive purchase at pocket friendly rates. Below are listed some brilliant purchase options to help you make the right selection:  

17. Statement Necklace: Statement necklaces are in fashion this festive season. A bold pendant necklace adorned with rare, natural gemstones will surely add a special touch to your beloved’s wardrobe.

18. Ear climbers and jackets: Highly trending climbers and jackets are the season’s new style statement that helps to create a range of simple to bold looks. They may be stone-studded or bear simple heart and floral motifs. If your lady love wishes to flaunt her quirky yet chic style, a pair of these is surely to step up her style game.

19. Personalized jewelry:
If you are unsure of your wife’s preferences gifting her personalized jewelry item may be the best idea. An engraved pair of earrings or a pendant will not only be stylish but also timeless.

20. Diamond bracelets and earrings: Gift an item that can be paired with any outfit. Nothing can be better than a bar or tennis bracelet adorned with perfectly cut incredibly timeless diamonds! From studs to hoops, plenty earrings options are available studied with best quality diamonds for a stunning upcoming Christmas or New Year Look.

21. Diamond necklaces and pendants: Diamonds are forever. They are extremely special when worn close to the heart. You may choose a petite diamond or a princess cut heart pendant and combine it with a simple 18K gold necklace for a memorable gift for your wife this Christmas. The diamonds are carefully selected and designed to perfection favoring maximum light to enter reflecting sheer brilliance and grace.

22. Gemstone finger rings: A colored gemstone ring reflects passion and beauty. Getting a personalized ring of your lover’s birthstone will make her feel extra special. Pick a sapphire or diamond halo ring to surprise and impress her!

23. Beaded bracelets: Bracelets are casual and fun pair of accessory you can team up with any outfit for a chic look. Choose a beaded bracelet this season for your special person adorned with precious or semi-precious stones or lustrous pearls to woo her instantly.

While making a jewelry purchase this Christmas it is important to choose a highly reputable jewelry vendor. High-quality jewelry with superior craftsmanship holds value on investment, lasts for generations and can be passed as heirloom from mothers to daughters making them extremely special. Therefore, take your decisions wisely this season to make a lasting purchase at a great price range.


Australia is famous for its indigenous designer jewelry brands that combine fine quality and superior craftsmanship into one platform to bring you the world’s most beautiful jewelry collection possible!

De Lux, Australia is such an upcoming jewelry brand gaining huge popularity among fashion connoisseurs worldwide owing to its smooth online shopping and fast shipping facilities.

Buying Christmas Jewelry is a great idea to light up your loved one’s face with a big smile! However, a unique piece of jewelry is rare to find, but with proper guidance from our expert stylists at De Lux store, Australia you will no longer be in dilemma!

Sapphires Necklace

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Sapphires are stunning and glistening colored gemstones that reflect the rich color of heart of the ocean. The magnificent sapphire gemstone has always been a mark of nobility and romance. These have been worn by the most prestigious and royal individuals throughout history.
Although, sapphires come in variety of colors but the most popular and expensive one is blue worn by upper class individuals showing their wealth and power.

Sapphire is the lucky gemstone for all September born, showering them with a life of prosperity and depth. Be it your anniversary or Christmas; gift a sapphires necklace to your lady love to bring her a lifetime of luck and happiness. Sapphire jewelry is not only spectacular, dazzling and elegant but also holds historical value and is much more than just an accessory. 

Bouquet Charm Bracelet

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Charm bracelets are dearer to one’s heart because they are customized to include probably your birthstone or a special event or one of your relationship’s milestones. They store memories for generations and can be cherished for years to come. You can even buy a link bracelet in stunning 18k gold and unlock the links to add charms and personalize it on your own.

This may also be a great gift choice when you are not sure of your better half’s preference. And the best news is, you can find ample of such chic, low-key charm and link bracelets at our online store to select from. Hurry, check them out today!

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