Necklaces with Madrepearl Disc and Seashell Pendant necklace De Lux
Necklaces with Madrepearl Disc and Seashell Pendant necklace De Lux

Necklaces with Madrepearla Disc and Seashell Pendant

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Full unikate malachite 3-colour madrepearla disc necklaces on gold rhodium plated and seashell pendant. A Stylish!!!

  • Approximate size necklaces: 40 cm
  • Approximate pendant size: 10.5 -5.5cm
  • Please Note:
  • All products are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the image shown adding to its unique handmade characteristics

Give Your Mother Something Exclusive This Mother’s Day: Gift Her a Trendy Necklace with Madrepearla Disc and Seashell Pendant

The Features of Madrepearla Disc and Seashell Pendant:

Enticing, mysterious and full of charm, Mother of Pearl jewellery is popular for its whimsical beauty of the seas. Discover our unique collection, featuring Mother of Pearl disc necklaces with seashell pendants in one-of-a-kind designs and get the unmistakable radiance and mesmerizing appeal of nacre.

Madrepearla disc necklace or mother of the pearl is simple yet elegant that can blow anyone’s mind. Buy a necklace with madrepearla disc and seashell pendant and stand out in the crowd! Mother of pearl is the term used for the bright substance that creates the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs.

It is often used to make unique pieces of jewellery, among other uses, that have a boho-chic aesthetic. This gemstone has a calming effect that alleviates stress, anxiety, depression and worries! It keeps you cool and relaxed! So, if you are looking for something unique this mother day, order it now for your mother and give her a stress-free and elegant look!

There are different patterns of necklaces with the mother of pearl disc available at You can choose based on your preferences! Our mother of the pearl necklace collections include but not limited to beaded, flowery, bibbed, leaf design, collar etc. You can get a pair of earrings harmonizing with the necklace pieces!

Design that makes it unique!

Mother of the pearl or Madreperla is completely different from the normal pearl gemstone though both of them are made of nacre! While pearl is made completely out of nacre, mother of the pearl is made out of the nacre coated inner shell of the mollusc. The best part about mother of the pearl is – it is affordable and easily available.
  • When a necklace is designed with the mother of pearl disc with a seashell pendant, it gives a unique look and can make you ready instantly for any occasion!
  • It can be a great gifting option since almost every woman loves to have this set in their jewellery collection.
  • Being unique in design, the necklace makes you look outstanding in any dress!
Explore our collection now and order the most elegant set!

Sizes and Materials: Different Sizes for Different Occasions!

Create a look that complements your neckpiece! It comes in different sizes and colours and can change your style statement! Be it attending a get together with a casual dress or wearing it with traditional dresses, a necklace with Madrepearla disc and seashell pendant makes you look stunning with every dress you wear! Showcase its bold look when you centre it between the V-neck of a shell top, or style it with a button-down shirtdress for a pretty off-duty outfit.

It is absolutely up to you how you want to style it up! Choose the size of your necklace based on the occasion. A bigger size necklace with Madrepearla disc with a seashell pendant gives you an attractive look and makes you the centre of attraction. Wear a small-sized one to look elegant! Explore our Medrapearla disc necklace collection now!

Product Specification:
Full unikate malachite 3-colour Madrepearla disc necklaces on gold rhodium plated and seashell pendant makes you Stylish!
Approximate size necklaces: 40 cm
Approximate pendant size: 10.5 -5.5cm

Caring tips

To take care of your necklace with a Madrepearla disc with a seashell pendant, you can follow a few tips. They are -
  • Keep it in a jewellery box always after using it.
  • If you want to clean the necklace, you clean it with mild soap and water. Don't use any harsh cleaning agents.
  • After the wash of the pearl, wipe it off thoroughly with a clean and soft cloth.
  • Wear it on a regular basis to maintain its glow.

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